Ferndale DIY Street Fair (09/13-09/15)

Join us in Ferndale, Michigan for the yearly DIY street fair featuring local crafts, bands, and beer.

For more information visit www.diystreetfair.com

200 Fans on Facebook Giveaway!

Ok, we've been a little lousy at keeping you all up to date.
With that in mind, please "like" us on Facebook and you will be registered for our giveaway.
We're not sure what the prize will be, but we promise it will be good!

$250 Giveaway!

The giveaway has now ended.

Congratulations to Monique from South Orange, NJ for winning our $250 giveaway!

Thanks for all of your support and for sharing your favorite animals with us.

The most popular animals from our survey that will be debuted in our next line in 2012 are as follows: