bioME 5: Workshop (bi'-ohm five)


bioME 5 certified organic baby, children's, and adult apparel features a modern interpretation on the traditional animal alphabet. Designed by a family, an architectural designer and an illustrator, our letter collection features photographic animal images acquired during our travels around the world and visits to some of our favorite zoos and learning institutions.


The bioME 5: Workshop Animal Alphabet Project was created and inspired by our intrigue of a child's visual learning process. Children, like sponges, absorb sounds, shapes, and colors in a constant process of play and discovery. Vibrant colors, large letters, and easily recognizable animals create intriguing graphics but also serve as recognition and learning catalysts for children. This inspiration combined with a fascination and appreciation of nature's beauty and diversity has developed into products that act as both an exercise in imagination and learning tools.

What is a Biome?

bioME 5: Workshop is inspired by the Earth's various natural biomes (communities of organisms adapted to a particular environment) such as: desert, grasslands, aquatics, forests, and tundra.

Upside Down Words?

That's no mistake. The animal name on our products is clearly readable from one's own vantage point!


We hope that our products will be seen as thoughtful and inspiring not only through our creative process but also through the enjoyment and interactions that they may encourage within your little one and the adults in their lives. We would love to hear about your experiences with our products. Please email us with your stories and/or comments.